How to Build Your Own Shed Fast

If you want to build your own shed and don’t know how to do it, then you are in the right place. When I decided to build my own shed, in my mind it was almost impossible. Because I was very poor in this type of work. Just like you I was browsing the Internet for help.

Questions were spinning on my head. How to design, quality materials, how to cut wood, fix them together, getting the right measurements and many more.

However, things changed when I discovered there is an easy way to build storage sheds using ready to use build your own shed plans.

Storage shed plans

Easy to build storage shed plans for you. Download and start building your shed. easy to use step-by-step instructions.


I downloaded them from the Internet and followed step by step instructions. Initially it was bit hard but eventually it became easier and easier. It took me 5 days to build my first backyard shed.

The Build Your Own Shed Secret

Your success or failure is depending on the shed plan. If you use the right plan and follow the instructions there is only a very little chance to fail. Click here to see the shed plans I am using.

Trust me, if I can build a shed you too can. Because I was even struggling to put a nail in to a piece of wood. I was that bad and hopeless in this type of work.

Always start with a simple design and a wooden based shed. When I say simple it must serve the purpose. You may find very complex shed designs. Though they are very attractive you should not go for it unless you are good at handy-man type work.

Make sure to select the right spot to build the shed. It must be spacious enough for the shed as well as for you to move around and build. Keep at least ½ meter gap between the fence and the walls of the shed if you are planning to build your shed closer to a fence.

Always build your shed on cement or concrete slab. Don’t build on normal gravel surface.

Free 12×8 Shed Plan

Here is a shed plan for a 12×8 storage shed. Right-click here to download this free 12×8 shed plan.

Here is how I built a large storage shed recently (Watch the video)

This is a fast-forward type video and the shed is quite big.

The Basics on How to Build a Shed

Despair and confusion is what a person would feel upon looking at their cluttered homes. You may not have realized it at first, but as you accumulate things, you soon would have filled out house with outdated and useless objects and even your garage becomes a no man zone. Many of these things are not used or have used only once, so you will then realize that you either have to sell them, or just create a storage space for them, preferably, not inside your home. This is the time that you may need to build a shed.

Although there are some sheds that can be bought pre fabricated, sometimes they may not provide the size and shape that you require, plus, they can be a bit pricey. Building your own shed will allow you to customize its size and the storage space inside, like shelves and cabinets for optimum storage.

Most storage sheds are created with wooden walls and sometimes concrete foundation. You will also require certain tools to do the building project. Sheds are not overly complicated so if you know the basics of handling your tools and building, it will be easy for you, it’s also one of the best projects to learn about building stuff.

Here are some of the things one should learn on how to build a shed.

First off, you should know what your purpose for the shed is. Is it just for storage, or do you plan to make it as a garden shed as well? Prepare your plans well and determine its size, consulting first the area where you plan to build the shed.

Make sure that the area is free from any underground cables, wirings, or pipes. This will ensure that the shed will not act as a hindrance if there are repairs to be done.

Once your plans have finished, make an estimate of the materials and the tools you will need. Commonly, these materials and tools are wood, nails, roofing, hinges, cement, sand, hammer, tape, saws, and screws.

Start from the ground up. Make sure that your foundation is level. Nail your floor properly to the foundation blocks. After the floor, make the frame for your walls and then for the roof. Make provisions for your windows. Pre-fabricated kits can make the job easier, but it can much more costly.

There are many books and websites which can help you do your plans, there are even ready made plans which you can just customize to achieve the desired size. Also, doing the frames can be consulted with carpentry books; here you can learn the different styles to ensure that you will be able to create a sturdy frame, in some localities, it is necessary to obtain a permit first before building a shed, consult your local government first.

After building your shed, you can now do the finishing touches. Create shelves and cabinets, and you can even varnish or paint your shed to make it look lovelier in your garden, and not an eyesore.

My Part-time business

Six months ago I had no idea on how to build my own shed. Now I am building sheds as a part-time business for others in the local community. It is amazing how things changed during past six months.

Who knows, with the confidence after building your own shed you too may consider starting a part time or even a full time shed building business.

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