How to Build Your Own Shed?

If you are not good at handy-man type work then build your own shed seems impossible. Well, that was the case for me. When I decided to build my own shed, in my mind it was almost impossible. Because I was very poor in this type of work.

Questions were spinning on my head. How to design, quality materials, how to cut wood, fix them together, getting the right measurements and many more.

However, things changed when I discovered there is an easy way to build storage sheds using ready to use build your own shed plans.

I downloaded them from the Internet and followed step by step instructions. Initially it was bit hard but eventually it became easier and easier. It took me 5 days to build my first backyard shed.

The Build Your Own Shed Secret

Your success or failure is depending on the shed plan. If you use the right plan and follow the instructions there is only a very little chance to fail. Click here to see the shed plans I am using.

Trust me, if I can build a shed you too can. Because I was even struggling to put a nail in to a piece of wood. I was that bad and hopeless in this type of work.

Always start with a simple design and a wooden based shed. When I say simple it must serve the purpose. You may find very complex shed designs. Though they are very attractive you should not go for it unless you are good at handy-man type work.

Make sure to select the right spot to build the shed. It must be spacious enough for the shed as well as for you to move around and build. Keep at least ½ meter gap between the fence and the walls of the shed if you are planning to build your shed closer to a fence.

Always build your shed on cement or concrete slab. Don’t build on normal gravel surface.

My Part-time business

Six months ago I had no idea on how to build my own shed. Now I am building sheds as a part-time business for others in the local community. It is amazing how things changed during past six months.

Who knows, with the confidence after building your own shed you too may consider starting a part time or even a full time shed building business.

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Shed Building Materials and Tools

Using the right shed building materials and tools is vital when you are building your own shed. You may spend days or weeks for shed planning. But if you don’t buy the right shed building tools and materials then you will not build a quality storage shed. All your time and energy is poured down the toilet if your shed collapses, just because you had used the inferior quality materials by squeezing the last bargain from the hardware store.

Tips to select quality shed building materials

If this is your first storage shed and you are not a good DIY person then it will be bit difficult to select quality materials. Your starting point is the details in shed plan. The good build your own shed plans provide details of the type of materials you should be using in every step.

Usually good hardware stores have specialist who will be able to provide good advice. Always ask for cheap products and quality products and ask the reason for price difference. This is useful to learn about materials.

Commonly used shed building materials


Lumbers are used to make the main structure of your storage shed. They are used to build skids, beams, joists, rafters in the frame. The size of the lumber will be depending on your shed plan. The common sizes are 2×8, 4×4 and 2×4.

Always ask for pressure treated lumber as it needs to withstand the strains and you don’t want it to buckle down as the time go by.


Plywood are required for the floor as well as for shed walls if you are building a wooden shed. Always go for treated plywood.


Always use concrete for the foundation of your shed. Some people use wood. But I don’t recommend as the shed may not last long.

Shed building tools

There are no specific tools required to build your own shed. Screws, the drill, bolts, nails, hammers and the saw are the main tools you need.

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Build Your Own Shed Plans – How to Find Them?

Unless you are an experienced person it is nearly impossible for a newbie to draw error free build your own shed plans. Also it needs a lot of thinking and time. Why re-invent the wheel when you can easily download tested and ready to use shed plans from the Internet?

The question is how to find good build your own shed plans? This was the main question I had when I was trying to build my first backyard shed. I paid and downloaded few of them, but could not go far as they were not good enough for beginners like me. Finally I found the perfect collection of shed designs. Actually a friend of mine recommended this and I downloaded it.

Click here to visit the website which I downloaded build your own shed plans.

It a massive collection of shed building plans with step-by-step instructions on how to build your own storage shed or any type of shed.

How to use shed plans?

Pay attention to this. All shed plans are useless and until you follow the exact instructions. Please do not jump the gun and start building your shed only looking at the graphical image plan of the shed. I have been there and burned myself.
Shed building is an art. The people who have developed professional shed designs have many years of experience. So read instructions completely from start to end first. Then start again and start building your shed one step at a time while going through the manual. This is a critical point to build a good storage shed.

Things you must avoid

If this is your first shed building attempt then try to select a simple plan. Complex shed designs need some experience to build. You always can re-build a shed once you have built one and gained experience.

Build a shed with wood first and avoid going for metal sheds at the beginning.

DIY shed plans can provide very useful information. But it also useful to get your family members involved during the planning stage. They may come up with useful ideas.

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DIY Shed Planning

Planning is the key to build your own shed successfully. With proper planning, building a DIY shed becomes more easy and joyful.

You must decide the following before going to the drawing board.

  • Where do you want to build the shed?
  • What is the size?
  • Whether you want to build a wooden shed or a steel shed or perhaps a mix?

The next step is to prepare a shed plan. This is the easiest step. You don’t have to go to the drawing board and build your own shed design. There are very good shed designs you can download from the Internet.

Why readymade shed plans are useful?

Ready to use shed plans are very useful to build a DIY shed. These plans and designs are done by industry experts. Also they have practically built sheds using these plans. It will shed building easy and error free.

I always use readymade shed plans to build sheds. These plans are usually comes up with easy to follow steps and diagrams. What you have to do is simply follow the steps.

Let’s summarize the DIY shed building plan

  • Decide the location of the shed
  • Size
  • Type of materials
  • Download professional shed plans and select a suitable design

Next Step

Find easy to build ready made shed plans. Visit Shed Plans page to continue.

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Why Build Your Own Shed?

There are many reasons to build your own shed rather than hiring someone to do this. It is not only the cost, but there are many other reasons. I will tell you why with my own experience.

You don’t have to be an expert to build your own storage shed

Don’t know about you I am hopeless in handy work. I can’t even do a minor woodwork. When I decided to build a DIY shed it was nearly impossible, because I had no idea on how to do it. This is the main reason for most of us not to build a shed.

I had many questions on my head. How to draw a shed plan, how to find materials and more importantly how to put all pieces together and build my own shed.

Building your own shed is not that difficult

I thought building a shed is very difficult. But the reality is it is not. What you really need is a solid shed building plan or a shed blueprint in other words.

Coming back to the reasons to build your own shed, the benefits are much more than saving money. You will know the quality of the materials and the end product. You will also learn how to do enhancements and repair work after building your shed.

First step to build your own shed

The very first step to build your own shed is not definitely what you think. It is to mentally prepare for the job. Build confidence that you can build a shed. Trust me it is very important. And trust me build your own backyard shed is not that difficult.

Step 2

The next step is to do proper planning. Visit DIY Shed Planning page to continue.

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