Angus and the Mysterious House

The empty house off Berrywood Lane rests quietly in the countryside on five acres of land, rich in legend. Its late owner, Mr. Peter Carlson, left behind unanswered questions and a mysterious past that begins to unravel as his family history is uncovered. For Angus McBride and his best friend, Andrew, its another exciting adventure of mystery and suspense as they search for clues as to the real identity of their old friend, Mr. Carlson. As they soon discover, with the help of their new friend, Taylor Blake, the oldest house in Spring Falls may reveal more than they bargained for

Land Use Law: Tennessee and Beyond

This textbook on land use planning law is designed to serve as the text for the Land Use Law elective course at the Nashville School of Law. The text contains the major cases which will be reviewed both from inside and outside of Tennessee. An emphasis is placed on Tennessee administrative law, an important topic in trying land use cases in Tennessee

6′ X 8′ Saltbox Storage Shed/playhouse Plans -Design #70608

An affordable high quality set of plans how to build storage shed with a limited amount of time, tools and money for any level skill of builders. Plans are original professional design generated directly from Auto-Cad include complete material list, detail layout diagrams and easy follow step-by-step instructions so that anyone can understand what needs to be done. Build our shed not only save you money; they enhance the value of your property as well, while solving many storage challenges.

Jokari Hanging Purse Rack

The Jokari Purse Rack is the easiest, most convenient way to store a wide range of items including purses, clothes, hats, caps, scarves and more. 8 adjustable hooks per strap can be moved and adjusted to fit your spacing needs. The self adjusting elastic strap allows the Purse Rack to stretch to match door height. With both an over the door and wall mounting option, this organizer will fit your specific needs. Mounting hardware includes 2 door hooks, 2 wall hooks and 2 mollies with screws.


The peaceful farm community of Larkin, Indiana is caught in a web of terror. The citizens are shocked by the mysterious disappearance of two small boys. When the crimes increase the community becomes terrified, afraid to meet in groups, or leave their homes after dark. Where are the boys? Who or what is violently mutilating prize animals?

The Sheriff of Larkin County, and a FBI profiler struggle to solve the crimes as winter storms increase. Due to the strange nature of the crimes, the profiler believes they may have a psychologically disturbed male hiding in their county. She knows that the human mind is a powerful entity. Pushed beyond its limits, it is capable of extreme evil. When it is pushed beyond the breaking point, it escapes. Where does it go?

10 x 18 Greenfield Colonial Garden Shed Panelized Kit

Standard Greenfield Colonial Barn includes: -High quality siding and trim -Kit will arrived pre-primed and ready to paint! -High quality manufactured trim -5' double door -Locking door Handle Latch -16'' 2×4 on center framing for walls -24'' 2×4 on center trusses -5/8'' plywood floor -6'' 2×4 joists on floor -5 pressure treated 4×4's -7/16 OSB sheeting -Hardware for assembly (screws, latches, handles, nails) Panelized Kit Customer Provides: Shingles, Drip edge, and Paint Please Note: a Floor kit is not included, you may want to purchase the corresponding floor kit with this unit. FREE SHIPPING! -Your Kit will arrive by freight carrier on a pallet, at delivery you will be required to have 2 people to help unload each piece and panel max weight 70 lbs.)

SHED 10 X 8 PLAN; Build your own GABLE UTILITY and STORAGE BUILDING; Pattern not available in any store!! Easy to follow Step by Step Directions!!

NOTE: This sale is for woodworking plans, NOT furniture. This is a complete SET OF PLANS for my favorite 10 foot WIDE by 8 foot DEEP CLASSIC GABLE STORAGE SHED. Not available in any store!!! My instructions with easy to follow patterns and directions are designed as a construction project for the beginner woodworker. Extensive attention is given to speed and ease of construction, with a minimum and choice of tools. A great Shed can be built with just a skill saw, hammer, nail-set, level, hand saw, chalk line, drill, and shovel. Directions are aimed at the beginner woodworker, but should not bore even an experienced carpenter. WARNING: Everyone Will Love This Classic Gable Storage Shed Design. Just about everyone who sees it will want you to build one or more, for them. (That is the reason I decided to write these plans.) Unlike most plans out there, you will be able to understand these! I have looked at others and I guarantee they are not as good as my plans! The plan features: 50 pages containing very detailed, step by step instructions. Each step includes diagrams and or photographs to assist in the construction process. 54 Patterns; One for each piece that makes construction so easy even those who have never worked with wood could make the project and make it look like a professional built it! Can be built entirely from any wood of your choice. Tips, Tricks and Notes that allow you to cut without error the first time. Can be built with just basic tools. This project plan is designed for the beginner woodworker, but should not bore even the most experienced carpenter. God Bless America!!

Buy One Get One Free

There was a slave story told that only a few knew about. A story about a young man who was blessed by God and protected from all harm that came his way.

THE RIGHTERS…: Friends of the “One Eyed Fat Old Men”

"The Righters" is an interesting followup story to the novel "One Eyed Fat Old Men". It is an example of how one of their 'operations' is or could have been conducted. A believeable 'take care of the victims' story that moves fast, that may surprise you, and will make you feel good.

Pit Stop on Route 66

Greg Morrow quits his job as a stockbroker to tour the U.S., and live life as it presents itself. He's forty-two years of age with above average looks. He makes a pit stop at the Bagdad Cafe, which is located on Route 66 in the small desert town of Newberry Springs, California. While there, he meets Bonnie Hensley, the first woman that he's attracted too since his divorce of one year ago, and they begin dating.Bonnie makes her home there and portrays herself as being a sweet, loving woman, and Greg falls madly in love with her. He's unaware that she had stolen a large sum of money from her ex-husband, who is presently serving a two-year prison term. Her ex-husband promised to track her down and kill her upon his release if she ran off with the money. She had moved to Newberry Springs in hopes he wouldn't find her.Upon returning home from a date, they find Bonnie's house had been ransacked. She realizes that her ex-husband had tracked her down, and was searching for the money. She informs Greg about the money, and the threat her ex-husband had made. Taking advantage of Greg's love, Bonnie talks him in to helping her get away, taking the money with them. Greg realizes that he's putting his life on the line, but his deep love for her overrides his fear of death. The money was also an incentive in his decision to help her.They take off across country in his SUV, doing everything possible to throw her ex-husband off their trail, but somehow, he manages to keep tracking them down. She asks Greg to help her come up with a plan to permanently stop her ex-husband from following them, insisting it would be self-defense. It's a request that he would rather not have to fulfill, but his love for Bonnie is such, he would do whatever she asked of him.Upon implementing his plan, Greg's life takes an inexplicable turn, which results in him being unable to keep from becoming entwined in love, lies, betrayal and revenge.

Suncast C7200 Storage Trends Utility Tall Cabinet

SUNCAST Indoor/Outdoor Storage Cabinets are perfect for storing items inside or out.Constructed of durable resin material, practical cabinets snap-together in minutes without tools. Adjustable 75-lb. capacity shelves. Doors will accommodate a lock (lock not included). Ships unassembled.

Howliday Inn (Howliday Inn Nrf)

Harold and Chester could hardly believe it. The Monroe family was going on vacation without them. Bunnicula, the family rabbit, would be boarded with a neighbor. But they, the family's loyal dog and cat, were to be sent away with strangers; they were to spend a week at Chateau Bow-Wow.
Chateau Bow-Wow, observed Chester, soon after they arrived, could more properly be called Howliday Inn. Though what was howling, neither of them knew. Chester had his suspicions however; only a werewolf could make that chilling sound.

Secret Stranger

Kelly Salinger and Clay McCarthy are as different as satin and stone. She is a peace-loving resort owner seeking a refuge where she can heal the scars of her past. He has amnesia, and every clue to his identity suggests he's been pursuing a life of crime. The only thing they have in common is that they are trapped on a remote Bahamian island with a gang of dangerous jewel thieves. Kelly and Clay discover opposites do attract. But will this gentle woman and the gun-toting stranger she found unconscious on her beach live long enough to learn that their contrasting views are less important than their love?

Learn to Draw in a Weekend

CatCopyII Perfect for the Aspiring Artist *Covers basic techniques and guides reader to finished projects *Includes an array of inspirational artwork *Competitive pricing, authoritative advice and a popular subject make this title a must-have for aspiring artists Perfect for beginners and leisure artists, this book guides the reader from the most basic shapes and objects through to fully developed and varied projects. Readers will find encouraging advice and instruction for a variety of drawing media, including graphite pencils, colored pencil, Conte, pastel, charcoal and more."

10 x 16 Pinehurst Colonial Garden Shed Panelized Kit

Standard Williamsburg Colonial Garden Shed includes: -2×4 wood wall framing 16'' on center (oc) -2×4 trusses 24'' on center -6' high side walls -Kit form: -High quality siding and trim pre-fastened onto wall panel sections (insures panels are square) -PANELIZED wall sections (not just precut) saves assembly time. -Straight trim pre-fastened to panels (high quality composite material) -All other parts are precut and ready to assemble -2 working 30''x36'' windows with glass, grids, and screens -Z shutters -5' Double door (5'x6' opening) -Colonial style doors with large hinges -Custom crafted louvers -Locking door handle latch -High quality composite material corner trim -Trim and siding is 98% primed -Hardware needed to assemble (screws, latches, handles, nails) Please Note: Floor kit is not included, you may want to purchase the corresponding floor kit with this unit. FREE SHIPPING! -Your kit will arrive by freight carrier on a pallet, at delivery you will be required to have 2 people to help unload each piece and panel (max weight 70 lbs.)

Tiny Home to Call Your Own: Living Well in Just Right Houses

Impress your neighbors with style and freedom rather than with larger-scle impersonally built square footage. Small is beautiful in housing. Smaller scale homes can be more livable, cozy, magical, homey, enjoyable, low maintenance and easy to clean. They can be more affordable and socially responsible than the current trend of MacMansionization; that is chewing up our farm land. Some tiny homes can be built on existing lots without requiring new land purchase. You can live in an attractive, appealing, upscale house AND have a home that is quality built, architecturally beautiful, highly marketable and profitable. Uses for tiny homes include: A home for anyone who wants less space to take care of in exchange for more time, freedom and money. As a personal getaway away space As a tax-ductable home office, professional work space, writer's or artist's studio, As a rental for passive income. For an elderly parent, student or return-to-the-nest kid to have an independent place of their own, yet be close by. Tiny Homes is leading a grass-roots movement toward smaller homes. It shows that small is beautiful in housing.

The Rings of Alathea

Earth has been rendered uninhabitable by an asteroid impact. A woman wakes up on a pod ship orbiting a mysterious planet with golden rings. She’s been asleep for five hundred years and doesn’t remember who she is. She wakes up in Jameson Stryker’s hibernation chamber, so they call her Jamie. Half of her companions have died. She is surrounded by strangers and haunted by her dreams. When they land, Jamie and the other colonists find themselves on the shore of an alien sea and surrounded by a strange jungle. Mysterious lights appear and their settlement is threatened by forces beyond their control. Jamie begins to remember the past and discovers an alien presence. There is much more to her than she ever imagined. Everyone’s survival rests on her shoulders and resides in her mind.

This Congruent Life: A Spiritual Ecology Practice


THIS CONGRUENT LIFE: A SPIRITUAL ECOLOGY PRACTICE is an invitation to realign our lives with our values. This personal and insightful story takes us on a journey toward a more engaged ecology, one that is spiritually informed, generous and encouraging. With wit and practical wisdom, Whitner and Grob let their own lives speak. They show us, in vibrant narrative and photography, how to bring into balance spiritual activism and a commitment to living more lightly on the Earth.
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Candlewood Mini-Barn, Shed, Garage and Workshop – Pole Barn Plans

This little all-purpose pole barn has been popular for years and years. It's been featured in dozens of newspapers and copies have been built across the U.S. and Canada. It's just big enough to be your garage, garden shed and workshop combined. And, it has a loft, with an outside hatch door and lift post for extra storage. Click on the photos to see what some builders have done with the plans, and check out what they have to say: "I love my Candlewood Barn" – DH, Washington. "This plan is exactly what I've been searching for" – GB, Maryland. "Classic lines, economical and sturdy" – SM, Virginia

RUNAWAY NUDIST: Oak Grove Series

In a prequel to Undercover Nudist, murder once more turns up at Oak Grove Nudist Camp. Suspect number one is Barbara Bassett, self-proclaimed thief-"not a robber, they're violent!" who turns up at the camp while looking for a place to hide out from a would-be partner in crime. Unaware that Barbara is a "nice" sort of thief who specializes in stealing things people don't really need-like art and jewelry-Ned Nackero and Carola Szegy befriend the self-proclaimed thief and cook for her while seeking a solution to the crime. At Oak Grove, Barbara has found new friends and a safe haven. In fact the only real complication seems to be that she's falling for the local Sheriff-not necessarily a great choice, given her line of work.

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