2x4basics 90124 ShelfLinks Custom Storage System, Black – 6 Pack

Offering configurations and dimensions that other do-it-yourself shelving kits simply cannot match, Blitz's 2x4basics ShelfLinks help you create shelving units that suit your needs–you just add the lumber! Designed to fit anywhere and hold practically anything, ShelfLinks shelves can be modified or expanded as your storage requirements change.

Simple assembly with only a powered
screwdriver and a saw. View larger.2x4basics ShelfLinks
At a GlanceCreates a customized storage system

Heavy-gauge structural resin construction

Supports spans up to 8 feet and holds up to 1,000 pounds

Easy assembly–requires only a powered screwdriver and saw

Lifetime warranty
Easy-to-Assemble, Customizable Shelving System
ShelfLinks allow you to build strong, custom-sized shelves by just adding 2×4 lumber (not included). Construct a great-looking entertainment center on the cheap or quickly put up shelving in your dorm room or garage. Anywhere you need a custom shelving solution, ShelfLinks make it happen in a fast, affordable way and provide a great alternative to flimsy, one-size-only plastic and metal shelving units.

Featuring easy-to-follow assembly instructions, ShelfLinks are as simple to put together as building blocks. First, cut your 2x4s to the length you choose. Next, attach four 2x4s to the top of the ShelfLinks to make your storage surface(s). You then insert four more 2x4s through the patented apertures to make the legs of your shelf unit. Secure all with the included screws. It's that simple! The only tools required are a powered screwdriver and saw. And you won't have to worry about miters or angles–only straight, 90-degree cuts are required.

Strong, Durable Construction Holds up to 1,000 Pounds
ShelfLinks are built to last. They're constructed of heavy-gauge structural resin–once joined with 2x4s, each shelf can support spans up to 8.0 feet (2.4 meters) and can hold up to 1,000 pounds (400 kilograms). Finished shelf depth is 16 inches (40 centimeters)–plenty of room to safely house a host of items, from school books and DVD collections to tools and construction materials.

This kit is backed by a lifetime warranty.

About Blitz Products Inc: Creating Customizable Storage and FurnitureFamily owned and operated, Blitz Products Inc. began with the creation of the very first 2x4basics product, the ConverTable, an innovative outdoor bench that lets you create a picnic table that easily converts from a bench to a table and back again–without tools. Following the ConverTable's early success, Blitz developed a line of products that allow everyone–from pros down to college students–to easily build furniture by just adding 2×4 lumber.

Although Blitz products can be found all over the world, the company's primary facility is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and its primary manufacturing and distribution processes are completed either in the USA or Canada.

What's in the Box
Six ShelfLinks, each measuring 5.0 x 3.0 x 15.5 inches (WxHxL); screws; assembly instructions; and warranty information.

Construct a great-looking entertainment
center on the cheap. View larger.

Quickly put up shelving
in your garage. View larger.

Store records and games in your
basement or attic. View larger.

Get the most out of your closet space.
View larger.

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