Arrow Storage Locker 7’x2′ Outdoor Storage Shed (CL72) Category: Arrow Foundation Kits and Accessories

Item #: CL72. DETAILS: Our economical, easy-to-fit Storage Locker gives you the storage convenience you're looking for. Designed to fit almost anywhere the Storage Locker provides ample room for storing recycling material, frequently used lawn and garden tools, firewood and much more. 4 wide shelves add even more storage space. They're ideal for storing a tool box or garden hose. The 2 ft. depth lets you place the Storage Locker on a backyard deck or any hard-to-fit location.
Lowest cost storage solution. Easy to assemble. Shelving. Core backed doors.
Model# CL72
Size: 7'x 2'
Storage Area: Sq Ft: 15' Cu Ft: 95'
Interior Dimensions: Width: 83 7/8" Depth: 25 1/2" Ht: 81"
Wall Height: 71 1/4"
Door Opening: Width: 50 1/4" Height: 69"
Recommended Foundation Size: Width: 86 5/8" Depth: 28 1/4"
Shipping Wt (lbs): 121
COLOR: Wall Color: Eggshell with coffee door frame trim. Roof Color: Eggshell.
. No returns.
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