Book of Blognots, Not Blogs

An irrepressible, reborn spinster who embraces life and modern technology in her own unique way.
A blogging dog who tries to explain things he doesn't understand.
And a story you're not going to believe.

Em is trying to write a pun-ridden, murder mystery, Regency romance while handling a minor obsession over some song lyrics and her favorite singer, discovering the Truths of the Universe, and dealing with a dog who blabs all. Her blogging dog, Big M, spills all her secrets, explains things he doesn't really understand, and takes over her obsession just as she recovers from it.

Written as a series of alternating blog posts, Book of Blognots, Not Blogs is a zigzagging romp through the minds of a crazy lady and her blogging dog. It embraces the mundane, simplifies the profound, and exalts the absurd.

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