Build Your Own 10 X 8 GABLE UTILITY STORAGE SHED BUILDING HOUSE Pattern DIY PLANS; So Easy, Beginners Look Like Experts; PDF Download Version so you can get it NOW!

This is a complete SET OF PLANS for my favorite 10’ WIDE by 8’ DEEP CLASSIC GABLE STORAGE SHED. Not available in any store!!!
The Shed Upon Completion features:
1) Attractive and decorative Design.
2) Step by Step and easy directions with diagrams for every step.
3) Level, Sturdy, and Strong Design that withstands tough weather.
4) Blueprint like patterns; Larger Diagrams for those important Steps.
5) 5’ Wide Double Doors and Ramp; allowing one to park a lawn mower inside it!
6) 7’ Walls with 10’ Peak; the most preferred height for air vitalization and eye appeal.
7) Complete Materials List & Pattern Dimensions that use the least $ of bldg. material!
8) Designed by an Experienced Expert Wood Worker with over 20 years of experience!!
9) Continued Technical Support from Me “WoodPatternExpert”; 20 Years of Experience!
My instructions with easy to follow patterns and directions are designed as a construction project for the beginner woodworker. Extensive attention is given to speed and ease of construction, with a minimum and choice of tools. A great Shed can be built with just a skill saw, hammer, nail-set, level, hand saw, chalk line, drill, and shovel. Directions are aimed at the beginner woodworker, but should not bore even an experienced carpenter.
WARNING: Everyone Will Love This Classic Gable Storage Shed Design. Just about everyone who sees it will want you to build one or more, for them. (That's the reason I decided to write these plans.) Unlike most plans out there, you will be able to understand these! I have looked at others and I guarantee they are not as good as my plans!
The plan features:
• 50 pages containing very detailed, step by step instructions.
• Each step includes diagrams and or photographs to assist in the construction process.
• 54 Patterns; One for each piece that makes construction so easy a “caveman could do it”!
• Can be built entirely from any wood of your choice.
• Tips, Tricks and Notes that allow you to cut without error the first time.
• Can be built with just basic tools.
• This project plan is designed for the beginner woodworker, but should not bore even the most experienced carpenter.

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