The story is a light-hearted and warm tale of Grace and her adventures over a three-day period when, by accident, she is transported to the distant future by means of a “Photo Booth” that is hidden in a secret cellar underneath the family’s garden shed.
She is obviously very upset to find that she has lost her family but is comforted by the knowledge that an old Hermit she meets is confident that he can send her back to her own time
She finds out that most of the Earth’s population has left for a new home in the stars due to the depletion of the ozone layer around the planet. She also finds that the remaining population is aging and has lost many of the basic skills of survival.
Grace helps them over this problem and also helps solve a big mystery. She also meets up with a crackpot and dangerous mystic who threatens to disrupt the existing civilization and Grace has a life or death battle with a pack of wild dogs.
With the Hermits help she finally manages to return home and while she has been away, she has learnt that we should not take things for granted and that the human race ought not to be so selfish regarding the resources of the planet. She has also learnt about true friendship.

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