How Safe Is Your Home?

How Safe Is Your Home? – "A simple question, yet if your answer doesn't satisfy me you have every chance of receiving some very unwelcome guests who will not want to leave empty handed" Michael Fraser" AUTHOR BIOG: Home security expert and present of the BBCs To Catch a Thief and Beat the Burglar, Michael Fraser was also the Principal Mentor of Channel 4s Going Straight. Chairman of two highly successful businesses, Michael as a youth came within a whisker of going to jail and drifted into petty crime in early adulthood. His personal mission is to see that others can be given the chance that he was to 'go straight'. Bill Tidy MBE, the UK's well loved cartoonist, is a lightning fast artist and thinker and has drawn or written for nearly every major publication in the UK. He also finds time for appearing on television and radio, for charity work, and for his family.

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