How to Use a Smartbox

Transferring to another residence is not so easy. Transporting all items from one location to another is a wearisome task. What if your couch or dining table is simply too big it won’t be able to fit into your new apartment?

Self storage just maybe the key. Moving is one of the leading reasons why people look and pay for storage, especially when families decide to go overseas. With self-storage, you can still hold on to things that are of sentimental value but too impractical to keep at present.

It’s not just moving out that could cause this problem, other events like renovating your house can lead to this as well. Having your house fixed can get very inconvenient for your family, which is why it is helpful to get some stuff out of the way. Getting your house fixed will take a week or two, if not longer.

Storage and warehousing is big business. Just by looking at migration patterns in NZ, you would see how very mobile people here are. Education opportunities are great motivators for students moving from one city to another.

Storage solutions would have been the absolute remedy if not for the hassle of bringing them to the storing facility and having to pick them up again. And this is how smartbox becomes beneficial. It is a mobile storage system that comes to you and you do the packing and storing at home yourself.

These smartboxes do double duty by offering storage solutions that take care of hauling your things as well. These Smartbox guys know exactly what you need and will give you no less, if not more. The people who came up with the idea of a mobile storage system claim to have struggled themselves with several problems surrounding self storage and so they began a stress-free, “to-go”, personalized way of packing.

This is how it’s done. Book your own Smartbox online or by phone and then wait for your mobile storage box to come on the day you requested. Delivery is quick and reliable at little or no cost.

You can start arranging your belongings into your smartbox once it arrives. 24 hours would suffice for boxing things up. Once you close your box, you know you’re done with the hard part, everything else, from transport to storage will be taken cared of for you.

Your personal “treasures” are safely stored in this 3m x 1.8m x 2.4m wooden box, kept in a secure storage facility at 10 Arthur Brown Place, Mt Wellington, Auckland. Using your own key, you can access your box any day of the week as long as you call ahead of time, at least 24 hours. It’s open seven days a week except holidays.

Smartbox basically covers any problem that could arise from storage options. It takes care of storage, transport and security of your belongings all at the same time. That’s why it is called a smart box, after all: it’s the smartest option at present.

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