Rubbermaid 3H11 Configurations 3-to-6-Foot Classic Custom Closet Kit, Titanium

Neatly fill every cubic inch of closet space quickly with this easy-to-install custom closet organizer kit from Rubbermaid. The kit fits closet walls from 3 to 6 feet in length without cutting to fit. Smooth hang rails let hangers slide from end to end with no interruption. Strong uprights mount easily to wall studs to support heavy loads of clothes without pulling away from the wall. Three 26-inch shelves and two 36-inch shelves leave plenty of room for sweaters, jeans and other folded items. Two expandable hang rods with 10 inches possible hang space let you hang long dresses and suits. Double-hang rods make it easy to store blazers and shirts up high and slacks and skirts down low, making full use of closet space. The shelves and hanging rods are adjustable for up to 10 feet of hang space and 12 feet of stacking space. All pieces of the kit have a long lasting epoxy, satin nickel or chrome finish. –Brian D. Olson

What's in the Box
Two 36-inch hang rails, four 47-1/2-inch uprights, 10 brackets, three 26-inch shelves, two 36-inch shelves, two expandable hang rods with 10 inches possible hang space, three 22-inch rail covers and all necessary hardware

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