Shed Building Materials and Tools

Using the right shed building materials and tools is vital when you are building your own shed. You may spend days or weeks for shed planning. But if you don’t buy the right shed building tools and materials then you will not build a quality storage shed. All your time and energy is poured down the toilet if your shed collapses, just because you had used the inferior quality materials by squeezing the last bargain from the hardware store.

Tips to select quality shed building materials

If this is your first storage shed and you are not a good DIY person then it will be bit difficult to select quality materials. Your starting point is the details in shed plan. The good build your own shed plans provide details of the type of materials you should be using in every step.

Usually good hardware stores have specialist who will be able to provide good advice. Always ask for cheap products and quality products and ask the reason for price difference. This is useful to learn about materials.

Commonly used shed building materials


Lumbers are used to make the main structure of your storage shed. They are used to build skids, beams, joists, rafters in the frame. The size of the lumber will be depending on your shed plan. The common sizes are 2×8, 4×4 and 2×4.

Always ask for pressure treated lumber as it needs to withstand the strains and you don’t want it to buckle down as the time go by.


Plywood are required for the floor as well as for shed walls if you are building a wooden shed. Always go for treated plywood.


Always use concrete for the foundation of your shed. Some people use wood. But I don’t recommend as the shed may not last long.

Shed building tools

There are no specific tools required to build your own shed. Screws, the drill, bolts, nails, hammers and the saw are the main tools you need.

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