Skeleton Key

Clay Thomas and his son, Tanner, have been diagnosed with brain irregularities that give them tremendous mind powers. Both use their powers sparingly, especially since tragedy struck the family as a direct result of their usage. Tanner is a happy-go-lucky college athlete. Clay is struggling to find purpose and meaning in his life until he meets Erika Payne. She teaches him to have faith and use his gifts for good, trusting someone besides himself along the way. When he learns that Erika’s husband, Adrian, disappeared after a tragic train crash and that her son is struggling with personal problems as a result, he decides to use his powers for good. With the help of his son, the small town police chief, and the ghost of Adrian Payne, Clay seeks to find answers that will bring closure and peace to Adrian’s family. Once the ghost leads Clay to the body, foul play is suspected. And once the investigation begins, more questions arise than answers. Parapsychology, the supernatural, science, and human elements seem to clash as key characters are suspected of guilt, yet the ghost and the medical examiner don’t seem to agree. While Adrian’s horrible secrets are uncovered, so are the secrets of several suspects, all of whom believe in their own guilt. How can that be? Skeleton Key, a follow-up novel to Loving the Rain, is a captivating murder mystery with memorable characters and a memorable solution. It’s also a story about faith, human growth, and the peace that comes when the truth is exposed.

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