Spectrum 64500 Over the Door Wardrobe Rack, White

This handy Over The Door Wardrobe Rack is convenient for hanging freshly ironed clothes, or delicate items that require air drying, or your next days wear apparel. Fits all doors and is perfect for closet, bathroom, bedroom, or even the laundry room. Wardrobe Rack by Spectrum features wavy design on clothes bar for hanging multiple articles without crowding. Made of sturdy steel with white epoxy coating over the metal. Spectrum is a company that does the small stuff great! Their items are made of better plastics, heavier steel, thicker powder coating, and stronger castings. Spectrum inspects every piece before it leaves their factory, so you know you'll always get top quality products. For doors up to 1-5/8" thick. Wardrobe Rack measures 7-1/4" tall by 17-1/2" wide by 12" deep. White.

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