The Bulldog Hardware 131588 Peg-A-System Ultimate Kit

The Bulldog Hardware Peg-A-System offers a smarter way to organize your tools. Make use of the vertical space in your garage or workshop with durable, easy-to-install pegboard. This attractive plastic pegboard system boasts features not found in traditional perforated particle boards, and it offers tool-specific pegs and handy bins to keep your workspace free of clutter.

At a Glance:Plastic pegboard is built to last–won't chip or warp

Panels slide together for expansion opportunities

Easy to install on drywall or studs–no spacing or backing strips required

Available peg hooks and bins let you create customized storage

Create a customized place for hanging your tools, hardware, and more. View larger.
Plastic Pegboard is Built to Last
Peg-A-System's heavy-duty black plastic pegboard will create a high-quality tool board that is just as good looking as it is functional. Unlike traditional particle board, Peg-A-System's pegboard is made to last–it won't chip or warp.

Designed to Expand with Your Needs
Convenient connector strips between each panel allow you to slide together multiple panels for a secure fit and a smooth appearance. Best of all, it's easy to add more panels as your tool collection expands.

Easy, One-Person Installation
Built-in spacers on the back of each Peg-A-System panel make furring strips unnecessary, so you can hang your pegboards with ease. Each Peg-A-System kit includes all the installation materials you need to securely mount your pegboard on drywall or studs. In fact, a Peg-A-System is so simple to install, one person can easily handle the job alone.

Mount directly to a flat surface without extra materials

Panels slide together easily

Panels let you customize your workspace

Built-in spacers allow for easy installation
Tool-Specific Pegs and Containers
Make the most of the vertical storage space in your workshop or garage by taking advantage of the Peg-A-System's complete tool storage options. Featuring an array of both general peg hooks and tool-specific peg hooks, the Peg-A-System lets you create a customized place for hanging your screwdrivers, long-handled tools, wrenches, pliers, and more. Additionally, a variety of hanging trays and bins make ideal containers for small parts, hardware, and hand tools.

Choose the Peg-A-System Kit That's Right for You:

Pegboard Panel Kit
Plastic Pegboard (2 Panels)

Pegboard Starter Kit
Plastic Pegboard (2 Panels)2" Peg Hooks (2)4" Peg Hooks (2)4" Double Peg Hooks (1)Twist Top Parts Bin(2)Parts Tray(2)3/4" Curved Peg Hooks (4)1-1/2" Curved Peg Hooks(4)1-1/2" Angle Hooks (4)

Pegboard Ultimate Kit
Plastic Pegboard (4 Panels)2" Peg Hooks (4)4" Peg Hooks (2)4" Double Peg Hooks (1)6" Brackets(2)3/4" Curved Peg Hooks (6)1 1/2" Curved Peg Hooks (6)3/4" Angle Hooks (5)1-1/2" Angle Hooks (5)Twist Top Parts Bin(2)Parts Tray (2)Screwdriver Holders(3)Multi-Screwdriver Holder (1)Multi-Tool Holder (1)Pliers Holder (3)

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