Tips For Using Portable Storage

A relatively new innovation in the self-storage market, mobile self-storage connects the gap between self-storage and traditional storage by helping you move your items to the storage facility and storing it for you. This is also called the “drop and collect” system. The first step involves the client choosing a storage unit of a specific size which the company would drop off at the location you specify.

After the container is full of the things you need to put in storage you can now call the company to get your unit from your place. Your company will then transport the unit to a secure storage area. Oftentimes you know that you are the only person who handles your belongings because the unit will not be opened and it will serve as the container itself.

Many people are using mobile storage because of its convenience and affordability. You get the convenience of having your storage box or pod delivered to you. There are more benefits to using mobile storage in contrast to traditional locker options.

Conventionally you would have to rent a truck to take your things to the area where your storage locker is located. In big urban cities in Australia, this usually means hiring a truck to move your belongings to the storage facility. With portable storage you have less to worry about since the unit is delivered to your backyard where you can gradually fill it up with your belongings.

Portable self storage Melbourne, just like the conventional way requires the loading of pods or units. The difference lies in the fact that loading only occurs once with mobile storage and that is when you put your things into the unit provided. In contrast, a traditional storage facility requires loading inside the truck and off-loading into the storage facility.

This procedure is repeated during redelivery. All this handling might expose your things to damage, scratches and scrapes. Portable storage leaves your belongings right where you left and packed them in the unit.

When the storage facilities are compared between the two methods there would be no major differences. Both have your valuables stored in a controlled environment with extensive precautions on security. However, portable self-storage facilities are usually more secure as these facilities can only be accessed by employees.

Mobile storage also gives more options and payment terms for the services they offer. You decide whether the pod stays in your residential address or at the company’s facility. Get the help of storage professionals if you need help in packing your belongings.

Although portable storage has numerous benefits you have to be aware that there are also downsides to choosing this service. Some companies may not allow you to access your unit at any time you want. You are most likely expected to call and set up a date before you can visit or open your pod for whatever reason.

Portable Storage Melbourne offers a portable storage solution for your moving or storage needs. However, before taking this option, it is worth checking their policies of access. Sometimes a labor fee may be charged when you need to access your unit a couple of times a month.

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