Treasure Hunting for Rednecks by Diane Dominice

Storage Auctions everything You need from finding an auction in your area to bidding and winning a shed or sheds in your area.
United States of America only sorry.
I tell you how Lot's of sheds go for $1 and $5!
I have a link here that you can find shed auctions in every state in America!.
I walk you through an auction.
I tell you how to find auctions in your area. I tell you what you need for an auction.
I tell you what Others won't! The Truth! Anyone over 18 can go to A Storage Shed Auction! Anyone! I'll tell you you don't always have to bid high to get tons of great stuff. This book has photos of my stuff I got in shed auctions.
Once you start buying sheds you'll become, "Shed-Necked". That's what I call us Redneck Bidders When were are hooked on Auctions. you can go to an auction and dig for treasures discovery is the coolest thing ever! you open a box marked something, and behold it's full of who know what Treasures. It is Never Ending! it's awesome!
I'll tell you how. Diane Dominice

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