What is the Smartbox Solution?

Moving has its challenges. It is not fun packing stuff, labeling boxes and organizing important items to make sure you won’t lose anything. What if your new home don’t have enough outlets, it becomes unwise to take every electronic appliance you have?

Self storage just maybe the key. Self-storage is a huge relief for individuals needing a place to lodge their stuff for a short period of time. Some things are truly difficult to leave behind especially if it’s not very practical to take them with you where you plan to move next.

The need for self-storage also arise together with situations like re-decorating your living room and you need to move stuff out for a time. Spare yourself the burden of having to move everything around while the house is getting fixed and send away bulky and unnecessary pieces to temporary storage. Getting your house fixed will take a week or two, if not longer.

Storage and warehousing is big business. People in developed countries such as New Zealand see themselves moving more often than they had thought they would. Various motivations for relocation include professional advancement and family decisions.

While self-storage addresses space limitations, the problem of having to transport many of your belongings to storage companies remains. This is why Smartbox is so helpful and innovative. It is a mobile storage system that comes to you and you do the packing and storing at home yourself.

It is the ultimate self-storage, letting you pack your own things, storing them securely and bringing them right back to you when you need them. It makes a lot of sense, so much so that you have to wonder why no one has thought of it before. It is a storage solution that has gone full circle, addressing all aspects of moving and relocation before they become a burden.

This is how it’s done. You can even schedule your smartbox delivery online. They deliver to many parts of Auckland and nearby areas.

You yourself will pack and arrange your stuff into the box, so it’s easier to unpack or look for something. 24 hours would suffice for boxing things up. Pack it, lock it, take the key: three easy steps and the rest will be covered by these Smartbox guys.

All your things are securely kept in the closely monitored Smartbox depot in Mt. Wellington, Auckland. Your smartbox and everything in it is easily accessible because you have your own personal key. Other than public holidays, the storage area is available everyday.

Smartbox offers much more than what mobile storage systems can provide. It’s practical, dependable and affordable, what more can you ask for? No wonder why it’s called that way, it’s such a clever little box.

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