Why Do You Need A Shed?

Why would you need a shed? In the majority of cases, storage space is the major concern, so decide how much space is needed. A small 4′ x 8′ lean-to style may provide enough space for small items, but larger items mayrequire a larger area. I strongly recommend obtaining the largest size that you can sustain, which still blends in with your yard. Remember that most communities require building permits for any construction over 100 sq. ft.

2. Is the shed intended to play a significant role in your day to day activities? If so, make sure that you choose a style and options that give you good access and provide sufficient lighting. Windows and skylights provide plenty of natural light, but it is popular to run electricity to the shed.  For easy access, make sure that the doors are at least 34″ wide, as most lawn mowers will comfortably pass through.

3. How important is the look of the shed to my home. Remember that whatever you put up can either add or impair on your property value. Metal and vinyl are the least expensive options, but these tend to look cheap. Wood and pre- finished sidings normally contribute character and value, but are usually more expensive.

4. Be generous to your neighbors! Don’t put up something that belongs in a junkyard beside your neighbor’swell kept backyard. Most communities insist that storage sheds be 2 ft from the boundary, so be sure to check ahead of time to circumvent any annoyance. Discuss withyour nearby residentsabout your intentions – 99% of the time they will welcome your concern and be very supportive of your project.

The internet is an excellent source for information on the hundreds of suppliers and styles available. If ordering online be advised to read the warranty and returns information carefully as sometimes goods of this nature cannot be returned. Just because a company has a flashy website it does not mean it stands behind its product – try searching for articles or reviews on the specific company. Most companies offer either pre-cut or pre-fabricated kits delivered to your residence. If choosing a fully installed product, deal with a local company with a fixed location (avoid the ones that set-up at seasonal locations), and again be prudent with your enquiries. I strongly recommend avoiding companies that require more than a 30% deposit – you’ll end up waiting longer than you should. A storage shed is a significant purchase – a little research will go a long way in helping to arrive at the right choice.

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  1. By Paul P, September 7, 2011 @ 2:29 pm

    I can provide 100 more reasons on why you need a storage shed. In my case my backyard shed allowed me to free up space from the garage and one of my bedrooms.

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